In the diamond flows Naturnser - thermal water

True to the motto give the water more meaning .... As our guest you can swim in the beneficial - filled with thermal water of Naturno - indoor pool.

Covid 19 and entry requirements update


Rooms, suites, bar and dining room are disinfected by us free of viruses and germs. This is ensured by new equipment and our special ventilation system. Our employees work with mouth and nose protection and 2G.
  • Disinfectants are everywhere and abundantly available for staff and guests.
  • Our indoor swimming pool and sauna are open for you please write your name in the list provided.


  • Please pay attention to the travel regulations of your country. You can see the regulations known to us at the bottom of the page.
  • They change almost daily and are also partly different within a country.

Stay South Tyrol

In our country the safety distance to other persons is one meter. You need a mouth-nose-protective mask even outdoors if the distance of one meter cannot be kept.
The shops are open Bar's as well as restaurants are open but only with Green Pass ( 2G ) also in the indoor area accessible. Outdoors without Green Pass


How to reach us in Naturno

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